Nailin' Palin

Der Beitrag der US-Pornoindustrie zum aktuellen Wahlkampf:

Larry Flints Produktionsfirma wird einen Film drehen, in dem Sarah Palin-Double Lisa Ann die Russen "nageln" wird, die an ihr Hintertürchen klopfen...Es wird außerdem eine Szene mit Hillary Clinton- und Condoleezza Rice-Lookalikes geben. Das Skript verspricht subtile Satire, gepaart mit feinster Erotik... 

Na das verspricht ja ein Spass zu werden. Fraglich nur, was Obama und McCain dazu sagen, bzw. wer von dem Filmchen profitiert... also im Wahlkampf, nicht im Privatleben. 

Ein Ausschnitt aus dem Skript:

(Open on the PALIN residence, Wasilla, Alaska. Evening. Governor SARAH PALIN is sitting on the couch, reading "all of the magazines."[...]

[...] PALIN: My oh my. That's quite a toolbelt you have on. It looks heavy.

JOE: I have a big hammer.

PALIN: Oh, I betcha do. I love a big hammer. But I love screwdrivers, too! And wrenches. The fact is I love and respect all of America's diverse tools, big and small. They're what helps make us so great as a nation. Here, let me take that off for ya.


PALIN: It's okay. I already took a morning-after pill.

JOE: Um, are you sure it works that way?

PALIN: Are you asking me if I know what a morning-after pill is? Because I totally do! I'll get back to ya with specifics.

(The two proceed to make furious love in a multitude of positions. PALIN amply demonstrates that she has enough experience.)

PALIN: Fuck me harder! HARDER! Pound me until my head is so empty that I can't even remember the name of the one Supreme Court case I actually know! I want it to burn. Burn like a banned book. Oh God, Oh God, OH MY GOD! MAKE ME SEE RUSSIA FROM HERE!  [...]



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